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About Us

At Anima MedTours (AMT), we help patients experience top-quality healthcare in India. We support our patients in their journey to access medical treatment, procedures or routine medical check-ups in India. We advise our patients about the process, provide them with accurate treatment quotes from desired facilities, and ensure they have a seamless experience throughout the treatment and recovery process. After their treatment and return back home, we follow-up to ensure they continue their recovery process based on the treating doctor’s prescription/recommendation.

At AMT, we understand that the treatment process in a foreign country can be daunting for first-time or even repeat patients. AMT’s primary concern is the patient and their family’s peace of mind. We focus on the logistics and administrative tasks allowing our patients to focus entirely on treatment and recovery. By carrying this burden for them, we ensure that the treatment progresses much more effectively, quickly and with higher chances of successful outcomes.

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Our Partnerships

AMT has partnered with local medical treatment support providers with a shared goal of assisting our clients access the treatment they need quickly, effectively and affordably. Our local partners have an excellent track record in excellent client service with well-established relationships in several African countries. This partnership offers our clients the expertise and know-how in an environment of trust and confidence.

Our Activities

AMT maintains a competitive advantage over its competitors by leveraging its network of local partners to ensure that we can offer our clients the best service in the market. We strive to establish strong working relationships with our clients, following up and accompanying them before, during and after their treatment process. This strategy would allow us to attract client loyalty and improve our future engagements with potential clients through personal recommendations. In Kenya, AMT will establish and maintain reliable relationships with a wide network of medical practitioners who are able to recommend our services to their patients. This would be a win-win outcome for all parties involved: the patients access the much-needed support, the referring medical practitioners are better assured that their patients would access quality medical care and return to their care as quickly and effectively as possible.

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